"The Montessori Association in Vienna is a non-profit-making association of parents, which operates a playgroup, children’s day centre, nursery and lower and upper primary school classes. The Executive Committee and Board of Directors are made up of parents who are elected every four years by the whole parent body and all the staff. Nevertheless, there are many decisions involving purchases and questions of sustainability for which responsibility has to be shared by many people – be they parents, teachers or support staff. The fact that this is not always easy to achieve is something that we learnt during the project which we called “New Light for our Children”. Starting from the need to create a completely new lighting system for the lower primary classes, a team of parents (architects, designers and engineers) set out to investigate the technical and aesthetic rudiments of lighting – but lacked inspiration. After more than a year of vacillating between different ideas and solutions they gave in and decided that it was time to call in an expert.
We hit upon SpektraLuX in Unterweitersdorf (Upper Austria) as the result of a recommendation and contacted the company – although it was not exactly local to us.
We sent them the plans, and within a very short time they replied in a completely down-to-earth and precise manner with a concept that was lucid to everyone. The LifeLite full-spectrum lamps were absolutely ideal for the basement rooms that we were using at that time, and the long tubes nestled snugly in the existing arches. The light was always perfect, no matter what learning or working situation the children were engaged in. Word of this also got round in the children’s day centre, where the lighting bordered on the catastrophic. Here we wanted the light to be dispersed in the form of the sun and other heavenly bodies, and SpektraLuX found a brilliant solution for this. Large round dishes with tubes extending from them like rays now brighten the rooms for our little ones and make for a pleasant atmosphere. The old lighting system that often used to cause the teachers to develop headaches and sore eyes and the children to become restless is now a thing of the past.
When we extended our lower primary group and began to look for a new building for our upper primary class, one thing was clear to us: this time our lighting experts needed to be involved from the start. Our children wanted pleasant lighting that would illuminate the whole room, not only in the classrooms and computer rooms but also in the dining and recreation rooms. SpektraLuX advised us with great attention to detail, responding in particular to our special needs – which was often not easy to achieve with the Montessori teachers with their very precise ideas. At the Open Day last November (when during the daytime it was already fairly gloomy outside) many parents commented on the pleasant lighting. Thanks to the LifeLite full-spectrum tubes and energy-saving lamps, the rooms appear bright and friendly and make for a good atmosphere. At the same time we save on the cost of electricity. And that is particularly important in a school, isn’t it?"

Sabine Hütter, CEO of the Montessori-Association Hütteldorf, 1140 Vienna