"I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have found the LifeLite full spectrum LED lights! I have a stunning collection of semi-precious rocks on display. I was feeling frustrated that the beauty in their nuances, texture, dimension and subtlety of colour weren’t very apparent under the yellowish light from the halogen bulbs I was using. The colours were not as clearly defined, separated and contrasted as in the daylight. In fact, the translucent citrine embedded in the large amethyst geode was actually invisible until we switched to the Lifelite full spectrum LED. Now the multidimensional beauty of these sparkling collector’s items is captured for everyone to see. The colours are true; the textures and contours are clearly visible. Not only that, but these bulbs do not get hot and use only 5 watts of power. Such a positive difference! Thank you for creating this product. I have told all my friends and colleagues about your LED version of the full spectrum light – AMAZING... people need to try your product and see the difference as I did... before their very eyes."

Kinga S. from Aurora, Ontario, Canada