Scheid MumtazSascha Mumtaz
LifeEnergy® Systems was founded 1992 in Germany and 1997 in Canada and is today one of the top developers, producers and suppliers of full spectrum daylight lighting. They are supplied worldwide under the trade mark LifeLite®.
LifeEnergy® invests constantly in modern technologies in order to further develop and manufacture ecological, energy efficient and well designed compact energy saving light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and LED light bulbs.
The Spectrum, colour temperature and colour rendering of the LifeLite® full spectrum light bulbs is close to that of natural daylight.
Our latest developments are the full spectrum LED light bulbs and the flexible LED table lamp with different colour settings.
LifeEnergy is managed by the founder Scheid Mumtaz in Germany and his brother Tariq Mumtaz in Canada. His son Sascha Mumtaz joined the German company in 1999 and moved to Canada in 2007, in order to support his uncle to market the LifeLite® products on the North American market as the president of the company.